For my most recent work, see my showreel on Spotlight.

Showreel (Eng/Swe)

A showreel from my various filmed work, English and Swedish, to show off my versatility.

MoCap reel (Eng/Swe)

Want to see a bit behind the scenes from my recent Motion Capture work at Dambuster Studios? Check it out!

Monologue from ONE (Terrence Mosley)

This was recorded for a self-tape audition and as I currently don't have any published acting material in English, I decided to publish it.

Showreel - Show Artist

A showreel from my work as a Show Artist for Thomas Cook in Bulgaria, summer 2015.

Showreel - Film (English Subtitles)

A short reel with cuts from some of my work in Sweden. English Subtitles.

Best of Bulgaria - Uptown Funk (2015)

A little extra number that we in the staff decided to do towards the end of the season, celebrating our time together. All my love to you guys, we totally rocked. <3

Best of Bulgaria - Umbrella (with Wictor Koch, 2015)

Me and my colleague Wictor Koch performing the song Umbrella in the style of The Baseballs.

Best of Tenerife - Kids (with Linda Leidvik, 2014)

Me and my talented girlfriend Linda Leidvik performing the song Kids, in the style of Robbie Williams
and Kylie Minogue.

Showreel 2013 - Musical and Show

A reel with mixed singing footage from different performances in Sweden and Spain. Several
Musical Theatre songs.

If I Didn't Believe In You (Musical Concert at Kulturama, 2012)

From a Musical Theatre concert at Kulturama, Stockholm.

St1 Commercial (Armstrong Film AB, 2012)

Riddance (Music Video, 2012)

Showreel 2011 - Show, Musical and Film

Oh Là Là Mein Chéri, Berlin 2012 and Malmö 2011

A Burlesque Show, in collaboration with Oriental Move. A short teaser along with a news story.



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